CURTIDOS LASA is a commercial mark registered by Jesus Lasa Suárez with main office in c / Martínez Marina, 3, of Oviedo, Asturias - Spain.

Our main purpose is the on-line sale of products for the leather-crafting, fur and leather hand-made elaborations, treatment and by-products and other services related with these activities. All the products that are sold in www.curtidoslasa.com have been elaborated following some strict controls of quality on the part of the makers.

The present document picks up the general conditions of use and operation of the services of www.curtidoslas.com. It also defines the rights and the users' obligations on the website.

The dale of the products and services of www.curtidoslasa.com, it supposes anyway, the acceptance of the effective Terms and Conditions in each moment. Every time that is hired with www.curtidoslasa.com the purchase of their products or the benefit of their services, you’ll be requested to read and approval of the Terms and Conditions.


All the available products in www.curtidoslasa.com/tienda appear in screen, and they go accompanied by a description on their characteristics and of the price of the same ones, as well as of another information of interest. In the event of not having some article in stock it will be indicated expressly.

(i) Prices
The applicable prices to the products are those that figure in the order sheet, they include the taxes and they come expressed in Euros. They are effective prices, except for typographic error. The price in other currencies is only for reference. The valid prices are always in Euros.

The offers of products, will be shown in the section of offers of www.curtidoslasa.com/tienda or it will be indicated in the record of the product or service and, otherwise, they will be valid while they are shown in screen.

(ii) Payment
The purchases of the products and services of www.curtidoslasa.com will be pay by credit or debit card, or by bank transfer in the bank account that will be indicated.

In the event of paying by credit card, once inside the 4b Spain Secure Server, the following information will be requested:

or Credit Card Number
or Date of expiration

All data will travel encrypted and on a Secure Server SSL ("Security Socket Layers") of the system 4b Spain, what guarantees that neither the proprietors of this Virtual Store, neither third people or companies, will be able to have access to their bank data.

Once introduced the data, the bank entity will validate its credit card and it will proceed to the collection.

In payment with bank transfer, it will also be requested, a fax of this transaction.

The derived expenses the shipment will run in charge of the client, less when, as shipment method, the option is chosen of picking up in our local of Martínez Marina, 3 of Oviedo - Asturias - Spain.

The shipping and handling will be paid by the client, unless when, as shipment method, the option chosen is picking up in our local of Martínez Marina, 3 of Oviedo - Asturias - Spain.

(iii) Delivery

The purchased products will be deliver at home in the indicated postal address in the pescribed time for shipment type.

In case of purchase products that are out of stock in the moment to carry out the order, Curtidos Lasa will pay you the amount of the not served products as well as the part corresponding to the shipping and handling of those products. Products will be served in the areas and countries contemplated worldwide by UPS (United Parcel Service) of Spain.

Orders won't be served in post office boxes.

(iv) Refund
The time limit to return is of seven (7) days from the reception of the order. Curtidos Lasa will return the amount of the purchase or you will be able to change it for another of the same prices, provided the product is returned in its original and sealed packing.

Si el producto llega en mal estado, CURTIDOS LASA asumirá los gastos de envío incurridos por la devolución. Si la devolución se produce por causas ajenas a CURTIDOS LASA o al mal uso de los productos, el cliente correrá con los gastos de envío de devolución. Para tramitar la devolución envíanos un e-mail a pedidos@curtidoslasa.com o llámanos al (+34) 985 20 41 06. Indicándonos el número de pedido, fecha de compra y la referencia de los artículos.

If the product arrives in not well state, CURTIDOS LASA will assume the shipping and handling incurred by the refund. If the refund takes place for causes not imputable to CURTIDOS LASA or to the wrong use of the products, the client will run with the refund shipping and handling. To process the refund you send us an e-mail to pedidos@curtidoslasa.com or you call us to the (+34) 985 20 41 06. Indicating us the order number, date of purchase and the reference of the products.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Spanish law.

CURTIDOS LASA and the User, with expressed renouncement to any other jurisdiction, they undergo that of the Tribunals of Oviedo for any controversy that could be derived of the benefit of the services object of these Terms and Conditions, in the Private Policy and Legal Advice.

In case the User has his home outside of Spain, CURTIDOS LASA and the User they undergo, with expressed renouncement to any other jurisdiction, to the tribunals and tribunals of the city of Oviedo (Spain)